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Announcement of the Establishment of the Prague Centre for Korean Studies

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts is pleased to announce the establishment of Prague Centre for Korean Studies (프라하 한국학연구소).

The Centre for Korean Studies will coordinate and develop resources for the study of Korea at the Charles University in Prague. The Centre will seek to promote interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to Korean studies by drawing on its faculty members in disciplines as diverse as anthropology, history, language, linguistics, literature, philosophy and religion.

The Centre will strive to be the premier institution for the study of Korea in the Czech Republic. The Centre will conduct scholarly conferences; research projects; presents colloquia, seminars, and lectures; publish significant research on Korea.

The Centre’s goals are:

  • to foster comprehensive and balanced research of Korea;
  • to organize conferences and publications with special focus on premodern Korean history, philosophy, literature and religion;
  • to offer an integrated insight into modern Korean society;
  • to bring together scholars in conferences and workshops to improve Korean language teaching materials for intermediate and advanced students of Korean;
  • to cooperate with Korean Studies research centres and institutions in Europe
  • to sponsor new research and make the results available to a wider audience of specialists and the general public through publications and Centre’s website;
  • to coordinate the resources of the Charles University and other institutions, organizations, and individual scholars engaged in the study of Korea;
  • to assist students in fulfilling their educational needs while studying at the Charles University in Prague;
  • to assist the Department of Korean Studies in development and implementation of new teaching materials and methods
  • to provide support for undergraduate and graduate students interested in furthering educational opportunities at the Charles University in Prague and through exchange programs in Korea;
  • to expand the audience for Korean studies through lectures, film screenings, colloquia, and cultural events.


Prague, March 21st 2016

Mirjam Friedova


Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts


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