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Chapters on Korean Phraseology

The course will be taught at the beginning of May 2017 by Prof. Inchon Kim Ph.D. (Department of Czech and Slovak Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea). During (In) five 180-minutes, Prof. Inchon Kim provides to the upperclassmen of Korean Studies FF UK, an opportunity to learn semantic aspects of Korean idiomatic expressions frequently encountered in both spoken and written discourse. Understanding the Korean idiomatic expressions demands not only knowledge of the denotative meaning of individual but also connotative word comprehension. Learning idioms of a foreign language is certainly not a piece of cake.  

The lecture aims to reveal socio-cultural elements and elements of reality introduced in the selected topics of Korean idioms based on their historical and cultural backgrounds of Korean society. The acquired language knowledge and skills by the idioms of Korean will help Czech students of Korean studies to gain a deeper insight into linguistic realities. 



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